Family business

Strong family ties do not make a successful business. What does is a shared understanding of where family and business values overlap, charting a path forward to continued success through the complexities of nurturing transgenerational wealth. Find assistance with navigating decisions on succession, ownership, wealth and more.

Working closely with clients to transform complex problems into clear, actionable advice and results is what we do best.

Dr. Anna Ránky
Certified family business adviser, attorney-at-law

Family constitution

Setting out a family’s shared purpose and values, family constitutions are key to building resilience in the face of both external shocks and internal pressures. Use our expertise in creating governance frameworks that promote trust, clarity and accountability in all sorts of family-business affairs. 

Succession planning

Passing a business down from one generation to the next isn’t a one-off event. It’s a series of decisions owners have to take long before it’s time for the successors to step up, whether they come from inside or outside the family. Let’s talk about the options. 


Family office design

Explore how your family office can keep pace with a rapidly evolving regulatory, accounting and taxation landscape as well as with changing demands as your business and family grow. And do so while balancing wealth, corporate and individual interests. 

Wealth protection

Turn your capital and assets into an economic powerhouse that drives your family and business forward for generations to come. Discover winning strategies for structuring and managing your wealth – and maximising its longevity and value. 


Leadership and business training

Heirs might be born – but leaders are made. Browse our workshops and training programmes for current and future family business owners, offering the latest knowledge, tools and techniques to drive individual and organisational success. 

Alternative dispute resolution

Going to court should be the last resort for settling a family business dispute. Seek advice from our experts specialising in out-of-court alternatives, such as arbitration and mediation, on how to solve conflicts in a fair, efficient and timely manner. 

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