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Family and business

Common vision

The process
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The Family Constitution is a fundamental document for family businesses through which problems arising in the life of the business and the family can easily be approached and resolved.

Family and business

Two communities overlap in the life of family businesses and business families. This domain requires sensitive management of a multitude of unique and specific issues, which no representative of anyone traditional profession – family or corporate lawyer, tax advisor, accountant, auditor, or psychologist ‒ is able to address and resolve acting alone.

Common vision

In order to find out whether the business has a future together with the family itself, the fundamental question to be answered is:

Does the family want to stay together in the company, and if so, why?

We seek an answer to this question with the help of a special test, the “Good Enough ” test. This maps the common vision and common values of the family and the business.

In order to clarify whether the family has a “Good Enough Vision”, it needs to commit to the path of learning, understanding, and change.

Közös jövőkép

There are many crossroads along the path. It is quite possible that the family, certain family members, and the company do not take the same route.

What we do is mark directions for you along the path, offering guidance on topics to be discussed, while you add your personal contents to these conversations.

KLART Family business advising shared purpose

The process of working together

In the course of working together, we focus primarily on determining the Vision of the family and the business.

Key steps:

  1. preparation of a genogram (a chart of family relations) and
    timeline ‒ history of the family, the business, and of ownership
  2. individual questionnaires, interviews with the persons concerned
  3. synthesis of answers
  4. joint evaluation
  5. formulation of a common vision
  6. determining an action plan and schedule
  7. implementing the action plan

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