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Mergers and acquisitions

Company or business line acquisition, setting up joint ventures. In the EUR 1 to 50 million segment, we have conducted over 50 M&A transactions successfully over the past 10 years. We have considerable experience in both asset deals and share deals. We support clients throughout the entire transaction, be they the buyer or the seller.

In doing so, we provide assistance at the planning stage, carry out legal due diligence of the target company, and provide comprehensive due diligence with the help of external partners (legal as well as technical, tax, and financial). We take care of obtaining approval for a transaction from the competition authority, draft the transaction agreement, and participate in negotiations in order to achieve the best result. Once the agreement is signed, we offer to manage the closing conditions and support in post-closing tasks as well.

In addition, we take part in the day-to-day administration of companies, represent them before the Court of Registration, help to optimize their internal processes, and support them in performing compliance tasks as well as on corporate financing issues.

  • legal due diligence, risk analysis
  • data room management
  • transaction agreements
  • closing management
  • reports to the competition authority, permit from relevant authorities, supervision of the transaction from a competition law perspective
  • integration consulting after closing

Property and building

Our office performs tasks in the entire range of property affairs, investment and construction industry activities. We represent clients in connection with comprehensive implementation of complex greenfield and brownfield investments, from planning the strategy to completing construction and during operation.

We have extensive experience in residential park development as well as contracting and other construction industry contracts, and in handling disputes related to performance. Our clients include leading property firms in Hungary, which of course enables us to keep up-to-date with market developments.

  • property development, legal support for greenfield and brownfield investments
  • construction and design contracts
  • possession disputes, possession protection
  • rental agreements
  • property-related litigation
  • procedures for certification of performance before expert bodies
  • land lease agreements, handing over of portions of indivisible lands
  • building authority procedures


Successful litigation consists of many components. A vital aspect is appropriate preparation, in the course of which we analyse in detail the possibilities, legal risks and expected outcomes. Selecting and applying the right tactics for the case is also significant, again requiring in-depth analysis or even a simulation of the steps expected in the litigation.

What is needed is a good legal team where everyone is able to contribute up-to-date knowledge in their fields of specialty so that all legal aspects of a dispute can be identified. Also needed are experts who are renowned and recognised in their respective fields, making their expert opinions convincing and clearly well-founded in court. These are the lines along which we represent our clients in diverse proceedings before the ordinary courts and arbitration tribunals.

  • litigation in claims for damages
  • litigation related to invalid contracts
  • litigation related to contracting agreements
  • proceeding before Hungarian and international courts of arbitration
  • labor litigation
  • competition law procedures
  • procedures related to software development
  • tax litigation
  • building authority procedures
  • insolvency proceedings
  • litigation related to the liability of executive officers
  • litigation on moral rights
  • procedures related to possession protection
  • litigation related to property

Competition law

Clean competition. This goes without saying, as the point of competition is that it should be clean. We support our clients in achieving and preserving clean competition.

We help to find solutions in the fields of exchange of information within industry associations and in M&A transactions as well as marketing and consumer protection issues that comply with regulations. Given that unlawful operation entails heavy fines, claims for damages or even repercussions under criminal law, we put the emphasis on prevention.

  • reporting concentrations
  • competition law audits, compliance programs, training courses
  • “dawn raid” modelling
  • consumer protection affairs
  • leniency applications
  • matters related to infringement of business secrets, passing off, prohibited subsidies
  • representation before the competition authority, the courts, mediation and self-regulation bodies

Intellectual works and IT

Legal advice concerning intellectual works is most in demand in the fields of IT and other knowledge-based industries. In these sectors, the intellectual product created represents the value that requires protection, and securing legal protection for that value is our priority task.

  • trademark research, patent research, industrial design research
  • industrial property filings and objections
  • software development and software licence contracts
  • joint data management and data processing agreements
  • legal support for hardware and software purchases
  • consumer protection and data protection audit of and development of terms of use for websites and web shops

Data privacy

Nowadays, all public institutions and business entities need to address substantive issues of data protection and data security. The world of work, collection of data from the client and potential customers all entail data collection. Companies working in risk management and claims management also perform data processing.

Unlawful data processing may have consequences under civil law and criminal law, entailing serious fines. Businesses also have to take into account reputation risks in connection with unlawful data processing. We help our clients in learning the limitations.

  • preparation of data processing records, regulations, information and statements
  • data protection audit
  • expert support for the data protection officer
  • outsourced data protection officer services

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